★ Welcome!

Hello, I'm Rai! (She/They)
I'm a hobby artist and kitty cat connoisseur, you'll find my commission information and socials here! If something isn't listed on this carrd then it isn't me!

Commission Information

Please read my Terms of Service before considering commissioning me, thank you!

Flat colors
35-40 - Headshot/Upperbody
40-60 - Fullbody

45-50 - Headshot/Upperbody
65-70 - Fullbody

Ref Sheet Style Commissions
90 Base - Two different views of character. (Front/Back, Left/Right etc…)
Price depends on character complexity.

Chibi Style
$25-$30 Depending on Complexity, simplified mini-versions of characters.

Design Commissions
Baseline $35 for fullbody flat color art of design, increases in price are negotiable depending on complexity of the design and time it takes to reach a solid design that you approve of.
Wing-it style design commissions are simply $40 even, you supply details on what you're after and I whip up the design in one go. You are allowed to ask for minor edits. Purchasing this commission type implies you accept that it may not be exactly what you are after and you understand and are fine with it.

+$20-30 for background (depending on detail, difficulty etc...)
---Images are transparent backgrounds by default.
---Simple splash backgrounds (gradients, solid colored shapes, multiple colored shapes etc) are free! Please specify if you’d like one, otherwise it defaults to transparent.

Contact Info

My discord is only available to mutuals and frequent commissioners, please do not ask for it as I will offer it to people I wish to have it! E-mail for business inquiries only!

Feel free to ask for things unlisted, but respect my decisions.

Will NOT DrawWill Draw
NSFW Humans
SFW FetishesFerals
ProshippingPokemon, Digimon etc...

By commissioning me you agree to the below terms:

★ Do not send payments before I approve the commission or I will refund you and end the exchange there. Payments are made upfront after we’ve discussed the details and I’ve gotten sketch approval.

★ Upon commissioning me you are free to ask for updates but please keep it to one per week at the least, unfortunately I may not be able to show a progress update every other day!

★ Please keep interactions strictly professional! I don’t mind idle chatting but do know I’m fairly busy and may not be able to talk to you much outside the actual commission discussion!

★ Payment arrangements must be discussed prior to agreeing to the commission terms! If you commission me please already have the payment on hand.

★ Any art purchased from me is thereby the commissioners property from that point on. They may edit, adjust and alter it as they please with the following in mind:
Claiming it as their own work is not permitted.
Tracing it and uploading it under the guise of their own work is not allowed.
Any and all commercial use of the image is not permitted unless previously discussed with the artist.
Cropping out my signature will blacklist you immediately on first offense.

★ Edits done to images that are already completed are a maximum of two minor and one major edit. Any additional edits may incur a fee.

★ I hold the right to refuse a commission for any reason. Please do not continue to harass me once you are turned down and please do not make a big spectacle of it or I will blacklist you.

★ I hold the right to drop a commission at any time, you will be refunded within a few days of this decision. Very rarely will a commission be dropped unless something happens that stops me from doing it or at any point I am uncomfortable with the commissioner or commission itself.

★ In the event YOU have to cancel at any point in the commission process, please inform me of it as soon as possible. Emergencies happen and I understand. In the event a large amount of work has already been done you will not be refunded the full amount and will be supplied the unfinished image as it is. What I will keep will be the price for that stage of the image (sketch, lineart, flatcolors, shading etc…).
In the event you want said commission finished later I keep all my files and will be able to do so if you wish to finish the process.

★ For flat colors please have an unshaded reference or a reference that includes the color palette, I’m not very good at eye picking colors due to being colorblind so it’s easier to just rip the exact color from an image for me. If you have no reference please supply the color swatches you’d like used with a detailed written description to make the process easier.

★ General max time I will take to do a single full piece for a commission is two months but long as everything goes according to plan pieces should be finished before it hits this point.
I will keep you updated if things change, you are allowed a 100% refund if no progress is delivered to you by the two month mark and don’t hesitate to ask!